Computer Recycling

Computer/Laptop Recycling Gloucester

Computer repairs in Gloucester is a small it support firm that believes in recycling and being environmentally friendly. I currently use public transport for most callouts in Gloucester and Cheltenham, I find a little bit of knowledge of local transport and a good bit of planning this works well for me.

If you think sitting on public transport is slow, you should consider the following points:

  • You can arrange meetings and appointments with the phone in one hand and pen in the other.
  • Cost unlimited daily transport in Gloucester for £4, how much is parking.
  • Between appointments, you can safely have a pint and usually use the pub’s free wireless internet.
  • Can use your laptop while travelling.
  • Time to relax, read the paper and if you are lucky chat with someone new
  • I am now recycling and used or broken computers/laptops that you may have.

I plan to…

  • Extract any working parts and re-use for my repair customers that require used parts.
  • Sell unneeded working components to those that need older working parts.
  • Any non-working parts/PCBs passed to hemplan for metal extraction.
  • Cases recycled as scrap metal.

Any suggestions on any other recycling methods are gratefully received.

New Idea For Laptop Recycling

You may have an old broken laptop that is beyond economic repair. If I feel I can build a good laptop from another broken laptop or parts I have collected. Once completed I will spec the reconditioned laptop and give an estimated minimum value for sale.

You can then either buy the laptop back at 2/3 estimated minimum value or accept payment of 1/3 estimated minimum value to relinquish your share in the project.

If the laptop is unrepairable but some saleable parts I will either buy them or sell them on eBay giving you 1/3 eBay sale price. Or alternatively, you can sell on eBay and pay me 50% when sold.

Note when either party is selling on eBay the other party should be notified of the listing, preferably through tell a friend feature on eBay.

Bonus – If I owe you anything from sales I can issue you with a computer support voucher instead of payment. I will add 15% to the IT support voucher value. Vouchers are valid indefinitely and can be exchanged for any of my services (Not Parts as I Don’t Sell These).

Need any Old or Rare Used Recycled Computer or Laptop Parts?

If you require any used IT Equipment please do not hesitate to contact me. I have lots already but no time to create a full catalogue of these parts. You are probably better off emailing me the specifics of what you are looking for and I will try to help.