Painswick Laptop Repair

Slow Laptop Repaired In Painswick

This callout was for a Slow Laptop for a home user In Painswick, a nice Cotswold village. I ended up giving the Dell Inspiron laptop a good service at it was running very slowly.  The laptop was running Windows Vista, not my preference but the laptop was a reasonable specification.

Tasks Completed To Fix Laptop

  • Security check, AVG Internet Security Loaded and running fine.
  • Duplicate security check, ensuring windows defender and windows firewall were not also running.
  • Removed unused software that is known memory hogs such as dropbox.
  • Used CCleaner to check startup programs, there were 66 in the startup list, on consulting the customer this list was reduced to 6 essential programs.
  • I cleaned temporary files using CCleaner.
  • I used a registry checker to check for registry errors and fixed 500+.
  • A secondary scan with Malwarebytes to check for spyware, all came back clean.
  • Checked windows error logs for errors and warnings, fixed causes of these errors
  • Finally checked the disks on reboot.

The laptop booted fine and was much quicker according to Jo, another pleased customer.

Total call out Duration 1.5 Hours.


I can help people with computers in the village and nearby area by appointment. I also do remote support to save waiting around.