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Why Use Linux Mint | Linux Mint

Help Using Or Setting Up Ipods Or Ipads

Help With Office Software, Microsoft Office, Open Office, Sage or ACT.

Mobile Internet Help – Help With Mobile Dongles – Internet Anywhere.

What Is A Media Server? – Use Your PC As A Media Server

Richard Meek – Computer Repair Services.

Home and office support callouts are available Daily from 9am-11pm in Gloucester, Cheltenham & surrounding areas. Contact me any time by using the contact form or by email to

Specialising in sorting the many problems you may experience, while educating you on how to get the most out of your computer, laptop or mobile device.

Computer & Laptop Repair Services

I am available for both hardware and software problems you may have, 95% of all of my callouts are fixed in your home or office either on a first visit. The exeption is if parts need to be ordered.

Computer Repair Callout Availability

Appointments available 9am-10pm (Often Later If Required) – 7 Days including public holidays. I really am very flexible o the times i can do callouts. (Most people work or have to do the school run I can fit in around you).


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