Linux Mint

Recycling Dell Inspiron 910 Mini Laptop For On The Bus Blogging Linux Mint. Today a customer asked me to do factory reset on a Dell Inspiron 910 while i was servicing his other laptop, he wanted to sell on ebay for £20 ish after recovery. I thought will knock £20 off the bill & take un restored laptop as part payment.

Linux Mint

I’m installing Linux Mint on this laptop as will mainly be used for web browsing, email, calendar & blogging. This slowish laptop will perform better-using mint, I have had lots of success putting Mint on older laptops. about Linux mint…

Why Linux Mint?

Generally, much quicker, all software is open source (free)more secure. Google Chrome sync with my, laptop & desktop.

Dell Inspiron 910 Mini Laptop Summary

Has a solid-state hard disk drive, so more resilient on the move. Not ideal for lots of storage, not my intention anyway. 1Gb ram is being doubled asap as a viable upgrade.


If you want me to install, multi-boot or try an alternative operating system. Or any computer problems contact me.