Google Tablet, Laptop, Network Printer & Email Setup

Google Tablet, Laptop, Network Printer & Email Setup in Churchdown. A good callout to a regular computer repair customer.  This call-out was a lot of little jobs for both business and home-related computer uses and includes the following.

Security Check On Laptop – Checked all security software was up to date and working correctly.

Slow Internet Speed – On initial testing on O2 broadband the speed was 0.5M, not really good enough, especially for catch up TV.  I disconnected all phone equipment in the house and re-tested with only the router. Suddenly test speed was 4.5M a great improvement. I introduced phones one by one while testing and found the cause of the problem to be an old extension cable with no purpose.  Customer can now watch iPlayer and Netflix.

Email – Merge various personal email addresses into one Gmail account that will then be accessible on Tablet, iPhone and laptop.

Setup Google Nexus – Initial setup of Google Nexus tablet, including Google account, email, contacts, and install some office software.

Google Drive – Installed Google drive on computer and tablet to enable access to certain files on multiple devices.  Showed customer how this works.

Network Printer Setup – Installed a new HP multi-functional printer to enable printing on the local network.  Demonstrated how to network scan and how to photocopy.

Laptop To TV – Setup laptop to connect to television via HDMI, showed the customer how best to use