Garden Buildings It Kit

IT infrastructure for garden buildings

Garden offices are utilised by a range of business sizes and types across the county; one common denominator is they all use IT. This post covers typical SME computing needs and how we ensure that your new office works well with your computing needs. A local company building some stylish buildings is Future Rooms in Gloucester.

Phone & Internet

Your business phone and internet can either be linked from your home if close enough or your phone company can install a dedicated line and internet. Devices will be able to connect via cable or wireless.

IT Networking

Many offices require desktop computers and laptops to be connected via a network; You can install data points in your building for your networking specialist.


Many companies have a dedicated central server or pc to store shared files, data etc. A secure area can sometimes be installed in your garden building to ensure security of your equipment.


Any type of computer, laptop, tablet or phone is useable in your Gloucestershire home office via cable or wireless. Power and network points can be installed to your requirements.


Although the UK is moving towards a paperless society printing is still required. An office can share printers across the network. Typically laser printers are used for bulk printing and inkjet for photos.

Projectors/Big Screens

Many like to do presentations to clients or potential clients, these can be done on big TV screens or projectors. These can be installed in your building if space is available

Back Up

Data is valuable for most companies these days and is important to keep regular backups, options include;

  • On-site backup to external drive or other backup device.
  • Network drive in house or neighbouring building in case of fire, would require a network cable running and maximum 50 metres long.
  • Cloud backup, backing up online using cloud storage.

Best to speak to your IT specialist about backing up.