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Computer Repairs

Home Computer Repair Callouts In Gloucester – Computers & Laptops Repaired In Your Home.

Computer Repair Callout Gloucester By Richard Meek

We offer a unique service where all computers and laptops are fixed in your home. We will arrange an accurate time slot that is convenient for you and me. Computer repair callouts are available at most times of most days as long as i’m not booked already.

Why Is A Home Computer/Laptop Repair Better?

  • When I attend a home callout your computer, laptop or more has my undivided attention.
  • I can show you the process of fixing many problems. Therefore you can learn to prevent or cure some simple problems.
  • You can brain storm me with any little IT questions you may have.
  • I can look at minor problems with other computers or laptops that might not need a seperate callout.
  • I can work on your internet as sometimes problems can be exagerated by your wireless network.
  • I can introduce you to things you didn’t know were simple such as sharing printers, sharing files, playing music/photos/videos on your computer to be dispalyed on your main television or games console.
  • I charge by the hour so you could get many devices fixed in a set time period rather than time per laptop/computer.
  • If parts are required to fix your problem, we can find the best price and you can order and recieve delivery. You can then book me as soon as replacements arrive. This means you pay no markup on replacement parts and you are in control of ordering, delivery and you control any warranty.

Computer Repairs In Gloucester Core Services

Calls from home computer users are always welcome and no problem you may have will be to big or to small. Callouts are available from 9am-12pm 7 Days per week.

Please feel free to call To get advice for little problems that may not warrant a Callout – I have a policy of not going to callouts that can be sorted by a few clicks of a mouse.

90% Of Problems will be fixed in your home on the first visit, exceptions are when parts are needed or the computer needs major work in my workshop.

Home and office support callouts are available Daily from 9am-11pm in Gloucester, Cheltenham & surrounding areas. Contact Richard any time by using the contact form or by email to

Home Computer/Laptop Callout Availability

Same Day Computer Support Callouts Available in and near Gloucester and Cheltenham! Appointments available 9am-12pm 7 Days including public holidays.

My Strengths/Unique Selling Points

  • Home Computer User Specialist – I have mainly worked with home computer users since leaving Virgin Media, so have adapted my work style to be more home user friendly.
  • Simplicity – I always use language you will understand.
  • Flexibility – I can do callouts to suit your schedule, including unusual hours.
  • No Sales – I don’t hold stock or supply any computer kit or computers so can recommend the best options locally or on the internet depending how quick the item is required.
  • Patience – I love to educate and teach anyone computer skills at your pace. I never show people what to do when teaching, you will control the mouse & keyboard. This then means you have done it before, subsequently improving your confidence.